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Catering Your Next Event with a Trendy Menu

Posted on Apr 10, 2019 by Fe Mendoza

Food is an essential part of any event. This is why it is important to hire a reliable caterer for your events. The problem with most caterers though is that they tend to serve the same kind of dishes over and over again. Wouldn’t you want to have a trendy menu at your next event for a change? Below are some trendy menu event catering ideas.

Local Cuisine

Serving local cuisine is one of the biggest trends in the food industry right now. Serving local food offers plenty of advantages. First, it is a great way to introduce your guests to the culinary specialties of your town or city. Second, it is a great way to showcase seasonal produce. And since you will be using local ingredients, you can be sure that the food you will be serving is fresh and healthy.

Finger Food

Another trend in the catering business right now is taking old favourites and turning them into delicious, bite-sized delights. Bite-sized foods are always fun. They allow your guests to enjoy food without the need to sit down, thus giving them more opportunities to socialize. But if you think finger food is limited to small sandwiches, think again. Now, there are finger food versions of popular dishes such as crab cakes, pizzas, skewers, etc.

Ethnic Food

People are always looking for something new and something different. So for your next event, you can consider serving ethnic food. The more exotic, the better. You can take your guests to Vietnam by serving spring rolls and banh mi. Or you can transport them to India with chapati and different kinds of curries. Or you can bring them to Korea by serving tteokbokki, kimbap and kimchi. When you serve exotic food, your event will surely be the talk of the town.

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